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USWNT BUDS » Abby Wambach + Lauren Cheney

@laurencheney8: I was just told that I would win the Hunger Games. Compliment or not?
@AbbyWambach: compliment, jerk!!! Too funny… You know you are katniss like!!!!!
@laurencheney8: don’t go there Mockingjay. You are Katniss. [ x

@laurencheney8: Ice baths with my roomie @AbbyWambach are the funniest! #proudofus pic.twitter.com/Spjh20su

@laurencheney8: Congratulations @AbbyWambach - you’re a stud my friend! [ x

@laurencheney8: As Abby Wambach’s stylist and more importantly her friend, I’m taking a pill on her hair color: darker or lighter? What’s your vote? #USWNT [ x

21) Abby Wambach called me from the hospital the night she broke her leg and told me to start running because I was going to the Olympics. [ x ]

This interview. “You’re a bad friend!”.

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